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Autoglym back for 2023!

Great news ahead of Christmas – Autoglym Tin Top Tuesday radio show and podcast is back for season 16, hand in hand once more with Autoglym, entering our 8th series together. The most amazing title sponsors we could ask for! We spent a day at the Autoglym factory a couple of weeks ago, planned some fun new features for 2023, and also managed to cram in a cheeky factory tour. A quite amazing facility, right here in the UK.

So we’ll be back to cover the BTCC for another year in 2023 thanks to Autoglym, and you can even pop some dates into your diary!

TTT 01 Tuesday 25th April 2023

TTT 02 Tuesday 9th May 2023

TTT03 Tuesday 23rd May 2023

TTT04 Tuesday 6th June 2023

TTT 05 Tuesday 20th June 2023

TTT06 Tuesday 1st August 2023

TTT07 Tuesday 15th August 2023

TTT08 Tuesday 29th August 2023

TTT09 Tuesday 26th September 2023

TTT10 Tuesday 10th October 2023

So with that happy TTT news shared leading up to Christmas, it just remains to say thank you to all of you for listening, thank you to Autoglym for making sure we can carry on the fun, have a wonderful festive season with your families and friends, and here’s to sharing another great year with you all in 2023!


We’ve just received some fabulous news – Autoglym are back as title sponsors for another season of Autoglym Tin Top Tuesday – an incredible seventh consecutive year. So we are go, go, go for another season! Thank you Autoglym – amazing sponsors!

For the fourth year running, you can listen to ATTT on the official BTCC website to listen live, or listen to the podcast after the broadcast. All of the 2022 episodes will appear on this link 🙂

So, your ATTT diary dates for 2022:

Tuesday May 3rd 2022 (One week later than usual)

Tuesday 17th May 2022

Tuesday 31st May 2022

Tuesday 14th June 2022

Tuesday 28th June 2022

Tuesday 2nd August 2022

Tuesday 16th August 2022

Tuesday 30th August 2022

Tuesday 27th September 2022

Tuesday 11th October 2022


Hello touring car fans! 🙂

We started this year with the lovely announcement that Autoglym have said they’d like to continue to support us in 2021, for an amazing sixth consecutive year, which means we can crack on with TTT 2021! Thank you Autoglym, for being amazing friends and partners of the show.

Now usually we do a Xmas edition of Autoglym Tin Top Tuesday, but last year, to make the end of a strange year even stranger, we weren’t able to do that because we were busy working up at Silverstone. Just to prove nothing in 2020 was predictable! Who would have thought, this time last year, that we’d have been working at Silverstone in December but not at the Grand Prix! 2020 certainly was a different year, but provided us with a spectacular 2020 Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship, and the way the news has rolled in over the winter, with driver changes, team changes, and new cars, it looks like 2021 will go to the next level. And of course, Autoglym TTT will be there to cover it.

So we’re doing our 2020 Christmas Tinsel Top Tuesday a bit late this year – March 2021! It will be more as a prelude to the 2021 season, covering quite a few of those big winter stories. Tuesday March 9th at 8pm is the date – pop it in the diary. We need something jolly and touring car based to get the year underway, and TTT will definitely be jolly!

For the third year running, you can listen to TTT on the official BTCC website, and the official BTCC app. Search BTCC in your app store, or go to to listen live or listen to the podcast after the broadcast. All of the 2021 episodes will appear on this link 🙂

Keep safe everyone – and here are the 2021 live broadcast dates for your TTT diaries.

I hope we will see you all there!

Kind and safe wishes,


Autoglym TTT dates 2021:

9th March 2021 *Special*
11th May 2021
18th May 2021
15th June 2021
3rd August 2021
17th August 2021
31st August 2021
18th August 2021
21st September 2021
28th September2021
12th October 2021
26th October 2021

Autoglym TTT 2020

Hello all 🙂

Well, 2020 has turned out to be a rather strange one. No racing, but thanks to our amazing sponsors, Autoglym, TTT continues as planned. A record fifth year with Autoglym as our sponsors, and we cannot thank them enough. While we’re not racing, we’ll still be keeping the BTCC alive and talking to drivers about their time waiting for the word to go racing.

For the second year running, you can listen to TTT on the official BTCC website, and the official BTCC app. Search BTCC in your app store, or go to to listen live or listen to the podcast after the broadcast. All of the 2019 and 2020 episodes appear on this link 🙂

Keep safe everyone – stay home and stay safe.


Autoglym TTT dates 2020:

17th March 2020
31st March 2020
14th April 2020
28th April 2020
19th May 2020
16th June 2020
28th July 2020
18th August 2020
8th September 2020
6th October 2020
3rd November 2020

A record fourth year with Autoglym :)

TTT has enjoyed some fabulous sponsors over the years (we’re about to enter our twelfth season in 2019) but this year is a record. Without our sponsors, our little radio show couldn’t happen, so we are more than grateful.

Today we are so pleased to announce Autoglym are back for a record fourth year. They are fabulously supportive sponsors, with a fabulous range of products.

TTT follows each round of the BTCC on the Tuesday evening at 20:00 BST – spread the word, and we look forward to seeing you there!

The 2019 TTT gig list shapes up like this:

Episode 01 – Tuesday April 9th (Brands Hatch 1)
Episode 02 – Tuesday April 30th (Donington)
Episode 03 – Tuesday May 21st (Thruxton 1)
Episode 04 – Tuesday June 18th (Croft)
Episode 05 – Tuesday July 2nd (Oulton Park)
Episode 06 – Tuesday August 6th (Snetterton)
Episode 07 – Tuesday August 20th (Thruxton 2)
Episode 08 – Tuesday September 17th (Knockhill)
Episode 09 – Tuesday October 1st (Silverstone)
Episode 10 – Tuesday October 15th (Brands Hatch 2)

Autoglym and Tin Top Tuesday bounce back in 2018!

What good news! Autoglym have once again made sure that Tin Top Tuesday returns in 2018!

The dates this year are slightly easier to remember – apart from a couple! Largely, the two hour tin top-themed radio show streams live for two hours, 20:00 UK time, on the Tuesday evening after a BTCC round. There are a couple of exceptions due to immovable commitments, but it keeps everyone on their toes! If you miss it live, you can catch it afterwards on Soundcloud.

Here are the live dates:

Tuesday 10th April 2018, 20:00 (Post Brands Hatch)
Tuesday 1st May 2018, 20:00 (Post Donington Park)
Tuesday 22nd May 2018, 20:00 (Post Thruxton)

Dates for your Autoglym TinTopTuesday diaries

Here are the 2017 Tour Dates!

This is the list of dates you need for your dairies to listen to TTT in 2017. We’ve mixed it up a bit this year…

Episode 01 – Round 1 Brands Hatch – Tuesday 11th April

Episode 02 – Round 2 Donington – Tuesday 18th April

Episode 03 – Round 3 Thruxton – Tuesday 2nd May

Episode 04 – Round 4 Oulton Park – Tuesday 30th May

Episode 05 – Round 5 Croft – Tuesday 27th June

Episode 06 – Round 6 Snetterton – Tuesday 8th August

Episode 07 – Round 7 Knockhill – `Tuesday 15th August

Episode 08 – Round 8 Rockingham – Tuesday 29th August

Episode 09 – Round 9 Silverstone – Tuesday 26th September

Episode 10 – Round 10 Brands Hatch – Tuesday 3rd October

TTT is back for 2017 with Autoglym!

Delighted to say Autoglym TinTopTuesday is back for its 10th season in 2017 – thank you Autoglym!

We’re mixing it up this year – half of the shows will be the Tuesday following BTCC rounds, the other half will be the week before the next round. So not every show will just be a review show, some will be review and preview shows.  Mixing it all up for 2017!

We will release the “tour” dates to add to your diaries very soon.

Welcome back to the BTCC and TTT!


Some jolly good news…. TTT is now more portable than ever before.
There’s a great app available for iOS and Android in their respective
app stores called BTCC Race Day and it’s powered by Autoglym.
A one stop shop for our kind of news, constantly updated and
refreshed, plus our very own TTT space to listen live and download
previous shows.

iOS iTunes link: BTCC Race Day

Google Play link: BTCC Race Day  

And it’s free! Just go to your App store and search for
BTCC Race Day, download, install, and keep totally up to date, and
listen to TTT into the bargain.

This can only be good news, thanks to a very clever chap called Mike
and our shiny sponsors Autoglym.

We had a feeling this was going to be a good TTT year!

Welcome TTT 2016, and welcome Autoglym!

A new server, a new link to listen, high quality sound, a full series of listen again show podcasts, and a bundle of guests herald the arrival of BTCC 2016.

And not just that – we are proud and delighted to be welcoming
Autoglym as our shiny new sponsors! They have a super
relationship many of the BTCC teams up and and down the
pit lane, and now we are very happy to continue our relationship with them as title sponsors of our little radio show, after we first welcomed them as sponsors of our Tinsel Top Tuesday
Christmas Special. Welcome Autoglym!

Listen live every Tuesday night at 20:00 BST following rounds of
the BTCC. See you there!