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TTT in 2014

A dream come true.

When I was in my teens and early twenties, I worked for a guitar and musical instrument group of shops based in Orpington and Lewisham – very happy memories! There was a magazine called
“International Musician and Recording World” which we used to get delivered, and I used to pretty much eat the adverts for guitars and amplifiers and kit that I could never afford to own. I remember so vividly the advert for the Marshall JCM800 amplifier, with a picture of the (very sadly) late Jim Marshall, proudly standing next to the iconic amplifier stack.

So imagine how proud I am now to finally be able to say that
Tin Top Tuesday is Powered by Marshall. So very proud.
A British company, that has been doing it right for many years.

Welcome to the power behind TTT.

Mission accomplished!

Well that’s it – the first season episode of 2014 is successfully in the can! New feature sponsor Exocet Racing revealed, and merry banter returned to the airwaves.

If you missed it, you can open the can at

See you all next Tuesday!

We hit a thousand views!

Great news – thank you everyone!

The Vidcast (is that a word?) on You Tube of our special year-opener TTT, announcing the return of Fabrizio, has hit over a thousand views. We had thought we’d pull it down if it hit a thousand, but I think we’ll leave it up until the BTCC season kicks off.

Which draws very close now! Media Day is done, pre season testing draws to a close, next stop Brands. And for TTT, next stop Tuesday 25th March – our season previewer show.

20:00 – 22:00 GMT – click the listen button on here, or search for RS24/7 on or on the TuneIn app.

And I hope you like the new logo for 2014 at the top of the page – it will appear in some very special places. We’ve got so much to tell you…

Tuesday night.

TTT is back for 2014!

TTT in 2014
Tintop Tuesday is back for 2014

The new BTCC season is shaping up to be a scorcher and to
celebrate, we’ve already had our first show of the year!

What’s more, we had the exclusive news from Airwaves Racing’s
David Bartrum that his Motorbase Performance  squad has signed
Fabrizio Giovanardi to race this year!

Wow, what a start…

If you missed the show, you’re in luck, because here it is: