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Autoglym TTT 2020

Hello all 🙂

Well, 2020 has turned out to be a rather strange one. No racing, but thanks to our amazing sponsors, Autoglym, TTT continues as planned. A record fifth year with Autoglym as our sponsors, and we cannot thank them enough. While we’re not racing, we’ll still be keeping the BTCC alive and talking to drivers about their time waiting for the word to go racing.

For the second year running, you can listen to TTT on the official BTCC website, and the official BTCC app. Search BTCC in your app store, or go to to listen live or listen to the podcast after the broadcast. All of the 2019 and 2020 episodes appear on this link 🙂

Keep safe everyone – stay home and stay safe.


Autoglym TTT dates 2020:

17th March 2020
31st March 2020
14th April 2020
28th April 2020
19th May 2020
16th June 2020
28th July 2020
18th August 2020
8th September 2020
6th October 2020
3rd November 2020