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Autoglym back for 2023!

Great news ahead of Christmas – Autoglym Tin Top Tuesday radio show and podcast is back for season 16, hand in hand once more with Autoglym, entering our 8th series together. The most amazing title sponsors we could ask for! We spent a day at the Autoglym factory a couple of weeks ago, planned some fun new features for 2023, and also managed to cram in a cheeky factory tour. A quite amazing facility, right here in the UK.

So we’ll be back to cover the BTCC for another year in 2023 thanks to Autoglym, and you can even pop some dates into your diary!

TTT 01 Tuesday 25th April 2023

TTT 02 Tuesday 9th May 2023

TTT03 Tuesday 23rd May 2023

TTT04 Tuesday 6th June 2023

TTT 05 Tuesday 20th June 2023

TTT06 Tuesday 1st August 2023

TTT07 Tuesday 15th August 2023

TTT08 Tuesday 29th August 2023

TTT09 Tuesday 26th September 2023

TTT10 Tuesday 10th October 2023

So with that happy TTT news shared leading up to Christmas, it just remains to say thank you to all of you for listening, thank you to Autoglym for making sure we can carry on the fun, have a wonderful festive season with your families and friends, and here’s to sharing another great year with you all in 2023!